Citizens’ Rights

Citizens’ Rights

XXII. Right to Peace, Security and National Power

Article 116

Citizens have the right to take benefit from a transparent and peace-seeking foreign policy, in the framework of national interests and national security. The Government shall pursue the principles of dignity, wisdom and expediency to establish, maintain, and promote sustained relations and ties with states and international organizations. It will use diplomatic tools and rational methods to seek to spread and strengthen a discourse of peace, protection of human rights and human dignity, combating violence and extremism and defending the rights of the downtrodden.  

Article 117

The Government plans and acts in respect of protecting the rights of Iranians abroad, and of improving Iran’s international image.  

Article 118

Citizens have the right to enjoy security, independence, unity, territorial integrity and national power.

Article 119

It is the duty of the Government to make the required plans and allocate sufficient resources towards achieving strategic deterrence and enhancing the defense capabilities of the country, particularly by equipping and strengthening the armed forces.

Article 120

Citizens have the right to receive required defense training. The Government will, through planning and allocating required resources, strengthen national defense capability and public mobilization.


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