Citizens’ Rights

Citizens’ Rights

XVII. Right to Employment and Decent Work

Article 77

Citizens have the right to freely select and engage in the work they choose without discrimination and in compliance with the law. No one has the right to deprive citizens of this right on grounds of ethnicity, religion, gender and/or political and/or social persuasions.

Article 78

Citizens have the right to equal employment opportunity and to select their professions freely in accordance with the provisions of law, in a way as to enable them to earn their livelihood in an equitable and dignified manner. The Government guarantees and oversees the appropriate prerequisite conditions for realization of this right. 

Article 79

Citizens have the right to enjoy professional trainings required in relation to work.

Article 80

Citizens have the right to a healthy and safe environmental and work space; and to be provided with necessary measures for preventing physical and mental injuries in work environments.

Article 81

Citizens have the right to seek redress from competent legal authorities for breaches of labor laws and regulations.

Article 82

Employment, promotion and granting of benefits to employees shall be based on specialization, competency, and job-related skills; arbitrary, discriminatory and biased approaches in this context, as well as the use of methods violating privacy rights in the process of selection for employment are prohibited.

Article 83

Women have the right to appropriate job opportunities, and to pay equal to men for equal work.

Article 84

Forced child labor is prohibited. Exceptions that might be in their best interests shall be authorized only by law.


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