Citizens’ Rights

Citizens’ Rights

XVI. Right to Property

Article 75

Personal property rights of citizens shall be respected. No person or authority may dispossess one’s ownership, confiscate, seize or attach one’s property, or prevent, obstruct or restrict one from enjoyment of one’s ownership rights or proprietorship,  save pursuant to the law.

Article 76

Various types of intellectual property rights, including literary, artistic, and industrial property rights in compliance with the law shall be respected and protected. Citizens have the right, in accordance with the law, to enjoy the required support for creating and presenting artistic works and for benefiting from the economic and non-economic rights thereof inside and outside the country.


Article 75: Articles 22, 46 and 47 of the Constitution; articles 30 and 31 of the Civil Code (1928).

Article 76: Articles 46 and 47 of the Constitution; Act for Protecting the Rights of Iranian Authors, Composers and Artists (1969); Patents, Industrial Designs and Trademarks Registration Act (2007).