Citizens’ Rights

Citizens’ Rights

XI. Right to Nationality, Residence and Freedom of Movement

Article 47

It is the inalienable right of every Iranian individual to enjoy benefits of Iranian nationality and no one may hinder enjoyment of this right.

Article 48

It is a right of every citizen to have freedom of movement inside the country, to exit Iran and to enter Iran, save where this right has been restricted by law.

Article 49

Citizens have the right to reside and be domiciled in any point of the Iranian territory. No one may be banished from his or her place of residence, be barred from his or her place of interest or be forced to settle in a place, save in instances prescribed by law.

Article 50

Iranian nationals in any part of the world shall have the right to take benefit of legal, consular, and political services and protections of the Government of Iran.


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