Citizens’ Rights

Citizens’ Rights

IV. Right to Self-Determination

Article 15

Citizens have equal right to participate in determining their political, economic, social and cultural destiny, and may exercise this right in free and fair elections or referendums.     

Article 16

Citizens have equal rights to participate in and monitor the electoral process, to enjoy governmental facilities and privileges (including subsidies, radio and television advertisements and the like), to benefit from campaign contributions and other means of financing election costs, and to complain and object to competent authorities regarding electoral violations.  

Article 17

Decisions, measures or statements of governmental officials, administrative and supervisory authorities of elections, military, police, and security officials, prior to election, in the course of considering the qualifications of election candidates, and after elections shall be completely transparent, unbiased and in compliance with the law, in such manner that even the suspicion of electoral fraud or violation, or support for certain candidate(s) cannot arise.

Article 18

The Islamic Republic of Iran Broadcasting Organization and all media that use public budget or property shall observe complete neutrality in all stages of the elections to such an extent that no suspicion of supporting certain candidate(s) would arise.


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