Citizens’ Rights

Citizens’ Rights

III. Right to Freedom and Personal Security

Article 12

Personal and public freedoms of citizens are inviolable. No citizen can be deprived of these freedoms. Restriction of these freedoms may take place only to the extent necessary and pursuant to the law.

Article 13

Every citizen has the right to enjoy security of their person, property, dignity, employment, legal and judicial process, social security and the like. No authority shall, in the name of security, violate or threaten legitimate rights and freedoms of citizens and their human dignity and integrity. Illegal actions in the name of public security, especially violation of people’s privacy, are prohibited.  

Article 14

Citizens have the right to speedy and easy access to public security authorities and officials in the event of an illegal violation of their freedom and security. The said authorities and officials shall render services immediately, without discrimination, proportionate to the violation or threat that the citizens have become exposed to and in compliance with the law.


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