Citizens’ Rights

Citizens’ Rights

II. Right to Human Dignity and Equality

Article 7

All citizens are equally entitled to human dignity and to all the privileges laid down in the laws and regulations.

Article 8

Exercise of any type of undue discrimination, particularly in access of citizens to public services such as health services and occupational and educational opportunities is forbidden. The Government shall refrain from adopting any decision and taking any action that leads to the widening of the class divide, undue discrimination or deprivation of citizens’ rights.

Article 9

The dignity and reputation of citizens is inviolable. No person, authority or media, particularly those using public budget and facilities, may harm the dignity and reputation of others through their actions or defamatory statements such as libel and slander, even if by quoting others.        

Article 10

It is prohibited to insult, degrade or cause hatred against ethnicities and followers of other faiths and creeds and social and political groups.

Article 11

Women have the right to have active and effective participation in policymaking, legislation, management, implementation and supervision, and shall be provided equal social opportunities in accordance with Islamic norms.


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